April Free Choice A Sound Soul Inhabits A Sound Mind 

A Sound Soul Inhabits A Sound Mind



This one act of furthering your knowledge can spark a light;

Or begin to breed the embers to an inferno.

Just this one, nothing more and nothing less.

It is able to inflict a larger repercussion than

That of a civil war.

One may say,” with great power comes

With great responsibility.”

This flame is the complete embodiment

Of the human desires. 

Which contain the drive to prosper, and

To become a better individual

Through this growth the ignorance that

Once clouded the mind can begin to clear.

The only boundaries that are there are rather

Those that you allow your imagination to contain.

It can be a single spark or tens of thousands can erupt.

Some can be temporary or everlasting as the

Impact of learning can make.

These embers of thirst resemble the pure nature

Of the growing of a tree.

This creature too lifts, breathes, and lives

To stand tall and proud.

Though it all started with one small seed

Buried in the depths of the mind.

It grew, it bloomed, it took life and like many things

Whilst requiring nurturing, and soft tentative care;

Or death would have slowly begun to run its

Alluring claws over it and eventually,

Enveloped the entirety of its being.

This environment, this class, and this room

Upon the first day, the room door was wide open

Almost like the warmth of an embrace

That you receive from your mother that she

Provides to her child with solace in ultimate times of grief.

Silence lies within this room,

But it lacks nothing, rather it sprouts life in the hearts of

All that step within these walls.

At this very moment in time

The thoughts, inquiries, and vicious ideas

Pound in my skull like thunder this storm

Can spread and result in raging collisions,

However, when this disarray dissipates

All that will remain is a beautiful rainbow

That will lighten the entire sky, and remove any signs of impurities.

The colors of this light represent the revived

Mind meant for daily uses,

It breathes by June’s end

Only to lead to the warmth that summer will bring. Continue reading »